Made to Order 

 Some  items  featured maybe on made  to order basis. 
Each piece is handmade using the finest clay in the Seychelles. Seyramics creates one of a kind pieces with no two being exactly the same.


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Atoll wall sculpture

Porcelain  wall sculpture 

Porter viv en Kreol Exhibition Kenwyn House 

Sea Shore Collection

Napkins ring set with hand collected shells & corals from the shores of the Seychelles.

Octopus Vase Collection

Wheel thrown vases & hand sculpted Octopus.



Sea Life Plate Collection

Hand built & hand sculpted sea creatures

Star Fish Large & Medium Plates

Sea Life Small Plates

Cobble vase with with gold detail

Carved Collection

Wheel thrown and hand carved 

Carved Flower Vase    15 cm x 8 cm 

Carved Small Bowl

Carved Cup